Knowing When To Repair And When To Replace Your Windshield

Posted on: 8 July 2021

If you regularly drive on the highway, you may have already experienced damage to your windshield. It's not unusual for a large 18-wheeler truck carrying construction debris to have a small rock displaced from its cargo by the wind. Once the object becomes airborne, it can easily strike the windshield of your vehicle, damaging it.

As the stone strikes the glass, a star or crack may appear. You may know that the damage needs to be addressed. However, you may wonder whether you should have the damaged area repaired or have the entire windshield replaced. Here is a bit of information about windshield repair and replacement to help you better understand which action is needed for your particular circumstance.

Time for a Repair  

If you notice the windshield damage immediately after it occurs, there may be only a small chip or tiny crack in the glass. Although these chips and cracks may extend farther into the windshield over time, they may be repairable initially.  

If you are able to catch the damage early enough, a full windshield replacement may be avoidable. A simple repair may be enough to remedy the problem and prevent the damage from spreading. Inaction is never best, regardless of how minute the damage appears to be. Changes in atmospheric pressure and temperatures can cause the damage to extend.

Frequently, glass repair shops recommend a repair as long as the damage does not extend beyond an area that can be covered by a dollar bill. The damaged area is typically filled with resin to prevent the crack from worsening. The liquid is then hardened in place. The applied resin is transparent like the windshield glass, so it does not interfere with a clear field of vision as you drive. In fact, the repair is unlikely to be noticeable at all.

Time to Replace the Entire Windshield

Once the damage grows beyond the size of a dollar bill, a windshield replacement is usually necessary. Additionally, when the windshield is damaged so severely that it obstructs your vision as you drive, a replacement may be needed.

In some instances, a crack can reach the outer edge of the windshield glass. When this occurs, the integrity of the glass may become compromised, causing the glass to break easily when small amounts of pressure are applied.

If your windshield has been damaged, schedule a consultation with a windshield repair specialist in your local area. Ask if you need a windshield replacement


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