Do You Need A Windshield Replaced During The Pandemic? 3 Ways Auto Glass Replacement Technicians Make Their Services Safe

Posted on: 23 April 2020

The pandemic has turned even the most basic car repairs into a major concern for many people today. In the past, you might not have thought twice about taking your car into the shop, but you may now need to think more seriously about how you handle part replacements and repairs. 

Not only does a broken windshield place you at risk for serious injuries while driving, but you could also be exposing yourself to the coronavirus if anyone gets too close to a severely damaged piece of auto glass that allows air inside your vehicle. Dealing with broken auto glass is never fun, but you can trust that your windshield replacement technician will take these steps to ensure your safety while they perform their services.

You Can Receive Mobile Services

Auto glass replacement services can be done wherever you want. You can avoid possible exposure to the coronavirus by opting out of sitting in a repair shop's waiting room. Instead, the technician can come right to your home or office where they can perform their services outdoors. Mobile services can also include paying over the phone or online so that you have less contact with the technician. 

They Practice Social Distancing

The technician that comes to your home is trained on how to maintain social distancing. Upon their arrival, they may greet you with a smile or nod instead of the typical handshake. Depending upon the guidelines in your area, they may wear a face covering and gloves. They also understand if you do the same. If you feel uncomfortable at any point during the service, then just say so. Auto glass replacement is meant to be simple for the customers, and you can expect that a technician will always try to stay at least six feet away from you during points of the appointment when they may need to communicate about the services.

They'll Focus on Sanitation and Hygiene

While they are performing the services, a technician will need to be in contact with your vehicle. Repair techs work hard to keep the work site hygienic. You may see them use hand sanitizer frequently as they go about their work unless they are already wearing gloves. What you might not see is that the technicians frequently wipe down their vehicles, and strict hygiene practices are followed even before they leave the shop for your house. Once the new auto glass is installed, your technician will do a final cleaning that leaves your windshield germ-free and gleaming.

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